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Best Toilet and Urinal Repair & Installation Service in Columbus

Having a working toilet is essential in any home. At Carpenter Mechanical, our licensed plumbers provide comprehensive toilet and urinal repair and installation services for residential properties in Columbus and surrounding areas. We use modern tools and quality materials for efficient toilet and urinal repairs that deliver lasting solutions.

Our toilet services include:

  • Clearing stubborn clogs
  • Fixing constant running
  • Replacing broken parts like flush handles and fill valves
  • Installing new toilets
  • Performing routine maintenance
  • Providing emergency overflow service 24/7

Professional Toilet toilet and Urinal Repairs and Installation in Columbus

For new homeowners, we recommend getting an initial toilet inspection during pre-purchase home inspections. This allows potential issues to be spotted early. For existing homeowners, we suggest inspecting toilets every 5 years to stay ahead of repairs and know when replacement is needed.

Common mistakes homeowners make are forcing plungers too vigorously, which can crack porcelain, and using harsh chemical cleaners inside the tank that damage components. Signs you need professional help include repeatedly clogging, gurgling sounds, foul odors, leakages, and overflowing.

Our Columbus toilet technicians utilize high-tech cameras for clear visibility inside drains and powerful augers that can clear even severely clogged toilets. We also do complete toilet replacements and upgrades when repairing an existing toilet no longer makes financial sense due to age or extent of damage.

24/7 Emergency Services for Overflowing Toilets in Columbus

We know that clogged, leaking and overflowing toilets require immediate attention, which is why we offer emergency after hours service. Our skilled plumbers are available 24/7 to quickly diagnose issues and implement the best solution whether it’s snaking out a stubborn clog, replacing a broken part or doing a full replacement.

For dire situations with water rapidly rising in the bowl, we coach customers to turn off the water supply valve located under the tank until help arrives. This simple trick prevents spillage so we can focus on permanent repairs.

Why Choose Carpenter Mechanical for Toilet and Urinal Repair Needs in Columbus

With direct communication without hold times and the freedom to solve problems onsite without delays, our smaller, tight-knit crews focus on delivering prompt, personable service. We want to save our customers frustration while also saving them money in the long run by extending the lifespans of their plumbing systems with appropriate toilet and urinal repairs and replacements.

Contact Carpenter Mechanical today for any toilet issue big or small. Our courteous staff and licensed plumbers make it convenient and stress-free to restore your bathroom’s functionality.